Favorite McDonald’s Breakfast Item Returns From 2020 Hiatus

March 30, 2024
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Favorite McDonald's Breakfast Item Returns From 2020 Hiatus

McDonald’s has quietly brought back a beloved breakfast menu item, and for the fans that have been lucky enough to find it, they’re certainly Lovin’ It.

As customers at various locations of the fast-food restaurant have noticed, the fan-favorite bagel breakfast sandwiches seem to be making a slow comeback despite being taken off of nationwide menus in 2020.

The coveted bagel sandwiches were offered in three different varieties: bacon, egg and cheese; sausage, egg and cheese; and steak, egg and cheese—and now, some McDonald’s customers have once again been able to get their hands on the delicious morning sandwiches.

According to a now-viral Facebook group called “Where’s my McDonald’s Bagel?” fans have been able to find their beloved bagel sandwiches in various states, as the breakfast item is still not back on nationwide menus.

The Facebook group has even prompted the making of a public spreadsheet listing each of the locations where the bagel sandwiches have been found. The list contains over 1,200 locations listed by address in several states, including California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington and more.

McDonald’s bagels are back… the world is healing pic.twitter.com/8UbxALIV7Q

— Maya (@danggmaya) March 25, 2024

“McDonald’s bagels are back…the world is healing,” one user wrote on X while sharing a photo of the sandwich they were able to find at their local McDonald’s.

“Look what I found at McDonald’s… BREAKFAST BAGELS are back,” another excited customer wrote on Instagram earlier this month, alongside a selfie with her prized bagel sandwich. “It’s been umpteen years since they’ve had these…. So YUM❤️.”

Fans still hope the fast food restaurant will bring the sandwich back to menus nationwide, but for now, there is a whole community to help chase them down!

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