One of Georgia’s lowest ranked counties for health care is getting a new health center

July 21, 2022
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One of Georgia's lowest ranked counties for health care is getting a new health center

JEFFERSONVILLE — The Live Well Twiggs collaborative recently announced plans for a new community health education center in Jeffersonville.

The new center, which is being partially funded by a $190,000 grant awarded by UnitedHealthcare, will create a hub for social service and health agencies to provide programs, education, and resources to promote engagement and improve health outcomes within the community.

The collaborative partnership includes the Development Authority of the city of Jeffersonville, Twiggs County, and the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center at Mercer University School of Medicine. The Development Authority of the city of Jeffersonville will also be investing in the center, which will be operated by Community Health Care Systems. 

“Health is wealth, and we want to continue to do our best to enrich the lives of every single resident in our county,” said Dr. Keisha Callins, an obstetrician/gynecologist with the health care system in Twiggs County. “We are grateful for the partnership and financial support from UnitedHealthcare that will allow us to improve health inequities by giving our communities all the benefits afforded by health promotion and disease prevention at the future health education center.”

According to the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center, Twiggs County ranks 158 out of 159 counties in health outcomes. The health education center will be approximately 3,750 square feet and will include classroom space, health services, exterior walking trails and community gardens. Community Health Care Systems will offer classes that address a multitude of health issues experienced by the citizens of Twiggs County. The health education center aims to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities for the rural community. 

“UnitedHealthcare is committed to addressing health disparities that exist in rural communities and is dedicated to reducing barriers that contribute to poor health outcomes,” said Michael Minor, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Georgia. “We are honored to support the creation of this health education center that will improve the health of our communities by increasing access to essential care for Georgians.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in late Fall and targeted for completion by mid-2023. A ground-breaking ceremony will be announced later this year. For more information or to get involved with the initiative, contact Judy Sherling, Executive Director of the Authority, at

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