Georgia Man Arrested on Stolen Motorcycle After High-Speed Chase

June 8, 2024
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Georgia Man Arrested on Stolen Motorcycle After High-Speed Chase

🛑 The Gist: A high-speed chase through Burke and Richmond Counties culminated in the arrest of Aaron Sosa, who was found with a stolen motorcycle and narcotics, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office reported.

🚔 The Details:
Deputy Embrick Baxter attempted to stop a black motorcycle with no visible tags around 4:30 PM on June 7. When the motorcycle accelerated to evade the stop, Deputy Baxter pursued it through Burke and Richmond Counties.

  • The chase ended on Union Cemetery Road. Sosa abandoned the motorcycle and fled into nearby woods.
  • Backup arrived, including Deputies Austin Plueger, Robert Bryant, Michael Cole, and K9 Halo.
  • The motorcycle was confirmed to be stolen from Richmond County.

During the search, deputies discovered a book bag containing narcotics. Tracking efforts led to a nearby shed, where Sosa was found hiding in a hole covered with miscellaneous items. Christine Rondeau, who deputies say initially denied seeing Sosa, was charged with obstruction for misleading deputies.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • 1 stolen motorcycle recovered
  • Multiple narcotics discovered
  • 2 individuals arrested

👥 What’s Next?:
Aaron Sosa faces multiple charges through the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. Christine Rondeau is charged with obstruction. The investigation continues as authorities seek to uncover more details regarding the stolen motorcycle and narcotics.

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