Escaped Georgia inmate taken into custody in Alabama

February 12, 2020
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Escaped Georgia inmate taken into custody in Alabama

A man who escaped from a Georgia prison has been located and taken into custody in Alabama, the Haralson County Sheriff’s Dept. reports.

The escaped inmate, Gregory Wyatt is in custody in Talladega, AL. Investigators from Haralson along with the Talledega County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama have been searching the Eastaboga area throughout the day and located Wyatt last night.

According to the sheriff’s department, Wyatt barricaded himself in a house but was taken into custody by the Talledega County Sheriffs Office after a short standoff. Wyatt was wanted by Talledega County on unrelated charges.

“We knew early on that he had headed to Alabama and the search was concentrated there from early this morning throughout the day.” said Sheriff Eddie Mixon. “The Talladega County Sheriff’s Office was very helpful in searching and taking Wyatt into custody.”

Sheriff’s department officials say Wyatt escaped by going through a light into the ceiling and worked his way into the pipe chase and escaped through the North side of the Haralson County Detention Center Monday night.

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