Here’s How Atlanta Plans to Help Small Businesses Impacted By The Water Crisis

June 4, 2024
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Here's How Atlanta Plans to Help Small Businesses Impacted By The Water Crisis

The Gist: Atlanta has started a fund to help small businesses hurt by this week’s water crisis. This fund gives money and support to help these businesses recover.

Why It Matters: The water crisis made it hard for many small businesses in Atlanta to stay open. This fund is important because it helps these businesses get back on their feet and keeps the city’s economy strong.

What’s Happening:

  • The fund offers grants and low-interest loans to businesses that need help.
  • To get the money, businesses must be in the affected areas and show they lost money because of the crisis.

Between the Lines:

  • The fund also aims to fix infrastructure to stop future problems.
  • There is also help available to guide businesses through the recovery process.

Catch Up Quick:

  • The water crisis in Atlanta happened because of old pipes and unexpected natural events.
  • Small businesses that need a steady water supply were hit the hardest.

The Big Picture: The recovery fund is a big help for Atlanta’s small businesses. It gives them money right away and support for the future. By saving jobs and encouraging local spending, the fund helps keep the city’s economy healthy.

Your Take: Do you think the recovery fund will help small businesses in Atlanta? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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