Alpharetta Ranked Among the 10 Best Places for Remote Workers

December 29, 2022
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ALPHARETTA — It should come as no surprise that the Technology City of The South is also one of the nation’s 10 best cities for remote work. Alpharetta — known for its tech sector jobs and innovation — ranked No. 6 in a recent study on the best places for remote workers.

The latest RentCafe report reveals the best 50 cities in the U.S. for remote workers, or the places where they can get the best value for their money. For this report, the company analyzed 150 cities and weighed 19 metrics that were divided into five categories: leisure, affordability, comfort, rental demand and remote work readiness. 

Alpharetta ranks 6th on the list of the 50 best remote-worker hotspots in the U.S. and is the best place for remote work in Georgia. The city offers great internet connection for remote workers and enough co-working space for them. What’s more, it ensures comfortable living thanks to the number of high-end and spacious apartments. 

Here’s how Alpharetta ranks in some of those five categories: 

#4 Remote Work Readiness 

Alpharetta has the second-largest community of remote workers among the 150 U.S. cities analyzed. In addition, Alpharetta claims the third spot when it comes to broadband accessibility: 87% of the apartments in the city have good internet connection that’s perfect for working from home. The city also offers plenty of shared workspaces, with an average of 716 remote workers per co-working space.   

#6 Comfort  

Alpharetta is the 6th most comfortable living hotspot for remote workers, boasting a 90.3% share of high-end units that offer all the must-have amenities for renters. Moreover, the apartments in the city are the second most spacious statewide, with an average size of 1,041 square feet. 

#57 Affordability 

The cost of living in Alpharetta is below the national average. However, the average daily rate for short-term rentals ($156) and the average market rent ($2,138) pushed the city lower on the list.  

What else attracts remote workers to move to Alpharetta? Sports. Lagging just 1% behind Chandler, Arizona, Alpharetta is the second city with the most apartments with sport amenities (99%). 

Elsewhere in Georgia, the city of Savannah ranked No. 34 on the list.

You can see the complete report here: 

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