Three Children and One Adult Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Gwinnett County Park

May 8, 2024
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Three Children and One Adult Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide in Gwinnett County Park

UPDATE: (Verbatim from the Gwinnett County Police Department) – Next-of-kin notification has been made for the three children. The victims have been identified as Arianny Rodriguez (age 13, Atlanta), Carlos Rodriguez (age 9, Atlanta), and Chadal Rodriguez (age 11, Atlanta). Their mother was at a local hospital with another child who was being treated for an unrelated injury.

The mother and the suspected shooter are parents to the same child who was at the hospital. He is not the father of the three victims and was not in a current relationship with the mother.

The suspect met with the victim’s mother, her three children, and the child they shared together at a local hospital. After some time, the mother agreed to let the three children go with the suspect to grab a bite to eat while she remained at the hospital.

The name of the suspect will be released once his next-of-kin notification has been made.

The Gist: Gwinnett Police discovered the bodies of an adult male and three children inside a parked car at Lucky Shoals Park in Tucker overnight. The deaths are being investigated as a possible murder-suicide.

What’s Happening: The bodies were found by a police officer conducting an area check at about 1 a.m. in a suspicious vehicle parked on a pedestrian trail.

  • The deceased include an adult male driver and three children, two girls and one boy, believed to be of elementary and middle school age.

Between the Lines: While the investigation is ongoing, authorities are treating this case as a possible murder-suicide.

  • The final determination of the cause and manner of death will be made by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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