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What to Know Before You Dig in Your Yard in Georgia


🌞 The Gist: With the advent of spring, Atlanta Gas Light is reminding Georgians of the importance of contacting 811 before starting any digging projects to prevent damage to underground utilities.

🏡 The Details: April showers may bring May flowers, but for Atlanta residents eager to jump into spring landscaping and outdoor projects, a crucial step precedes the spade hitting the soil. Atlanta Gas Light marks April as National Safe Digging Month, advocating for the proactive measure of contacting 811 before any digging begins.

Whether for personal endeavors like gardening, mailbox installation, or larger-scale professional undertakings such as paving or tunneling, the call to 811 is a free service— and a legal requirement —to identify and mark underground utilities.

🎓 What’s Next?: Atlanta Gas Light’s educational push continues, notably with their Safe Digging Arcade. This interactive, STEM-focused program engages children and families, teaching them the science behind safe digging practices.

🛠 By The Numbers:

  • Contact 811 at least three days before digging.
  • Over 34,000 miles of natural gas infrastructure are maintained by Atlanta Gas Light in Georgia.
  • 8 activities in the Safe Digging Arcade to educate families.

🚧 Why It Matters: The call to 811 serves as a critical reminder that what lies beneath our feet is often as important as the projects we envision on the surface. By adhering to this precaution, residents not only protect themselves but also maintain the integrity of essential services that run silently yet vitally beneath the ground.

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