Georgia Weekend Weather: Pleasant Saturday Gives Way to Stormy Sunday

March 16, 2024
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Georgia Weekend Weather: Pleasant Saturday Gives Way to Stormy Sunday

🌤 The Gist: This weekend transitions from sunny skies to stormy weather throughout Georgia, concluding with a bright and breezy Monday. Prepare for varying conditions and plan accordingly.

🌦 The Details: Saturday promises gradual clearing with sunshine dominating after some morning fog, reaching highs near 79°F. However, the scene shifts on Sunday as clouds build, ushering in showers and potential thunderstorms by afternoon, with temperatures peaking near 72°F.

🌧 By The Numbers:

  • Saturday High: Near 79°F
  • Saturday Night Low: Around 57°F
  • Sunday High: Near 72°F
  • Sunday Night Low: Around 47°F
  • Monday High: Near 61°F
  • Sunday’s Rain Chance: 80%

The Big Picture: While Saturday offers a slice of pleasant weather, Sunday turns unpredictable with an 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms, especially after 2p.m. Conditions improve overnight, setting the stage for a clear and cool Monday.

🌡 Why It Matters: The weekend’s fluctuating weather impacts outdoor activities, travel plans, and even your wardrobe choices. Stay informed to make the most of the sunny spells and stay safe during the expected downpours.

☀️ What’s Next?: As we move into Monday, anticipate a fresh, sunny day with a noticeable drop in temperature and brisk northwest winds. This could be a refreshing change after Sunday’s humidity and rain.

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