Savannah: Not Just For Ghost Tours, Now a Top City for Romance
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Savannah: Not Just For Ghost Tours, Now a Top City for Romance


📊 The Gist: Forget the hauntings; Savannah is where hearts are aflutter. The city out-romanced 157 others to clinch the third spot on the U.S. list of best date night locales, flaunting its couple-friendly spots and a hotel room seemingly for every two lovebirds.

🏙️ The Details: Love is in the air, and apparently, so is Savannah. It’s not just the Spanish moss and cobblestone streets wooing couples, but a trove of romantic restaurants and enough bars to ensure you’re never thirsty for a date spot. And hotels? They’ve got enough for a rom-com marathon.

📈 By The Numbers:

  • Romantic Hotels: Savannah’s got a cozy corner for every PDA-packed couple, scoring an 8.1/10.
  • Social Scene: Ranked seventh in the “where to sip your fancy cocktails” category.
  • Dinner for Two: Also a seventh-place holder for places to gaze into each other’s eyes over candlelight.

🌆 In Context: Sarasota is playing cupid better than anyone else, sitting pretty at number one with an 87.7 score, while Atlantic City is rolling the dice on love at a close second with 79.5. Seems like beachside strolls and boardwalk empire vibes are in for 2024’s lovebirds.

❤️ Why It Matters: Because where else will you validate your relationship status if not at one of Savannah’s many romantic hotspots? It’s essential for the city’s “date night economy” – and let’s be honest, for our collective social media feeds.

🔍 What’s Next?: With Savannah now officially on the map as a cupid’s playground, the pressure is on for local businesses to up the ante on lovey-dovey experiences. Keep an eye out for possible new “romance packages” or date night specials popping up.

🔗 Go Deeper: If you’re plotting to woo your significant other or just looking to score some brownie points, dive into the full list of love-struck cities at Just be prepared for the inevitable couple selfies that follow.

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