Transform Your Newsfeed in 2024: Embrace the Power of Local News
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Transform Your Newsfeed in 2024: Embrace the Power of Local News


Let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions. It’s 2024, and like clockwork, we’re setting goals and resolutions. And while we’re at it, let’s add one more to the list: being informed. Not just any kind of informed, but intentionally informed, especially about what’s happening right here in Georgia.

Here’s the deal. We often get caught up in the big, national headlines, but let’s not forget where the rubber meets the road: local and state news. That’s where decisions are made that affect your everyday life, from potholes to policy.

Think about it. Want to make a difference in democracy? It starts right in your backyard, with local elections and state officials. Those in Congress? Many started as local leaders. By staying informed locally, you’re effectively shaping the national political landscape.

Concerned about government spending? It’s not just about the billions in Congress. It starts with your city and county budget. Your voice and your vote at this level can have a ripple effect all the way to Washington.

We at The Georgia Sun want to make this easy for you. Sign up for one of our free email newsletters. Daily or weekly, statewide headlines or local news, you choose. We’ve got newsletters on various topics, from crime to politics to education. And remember, local news algorithms on social media are not always in your best interest. They might miss out on stories crucial to you.

We know news fatigue is real. Sometimes, even we, the newspeople, take a break from the news. But staying informed, especially locally, has never been more crucial.

And don’t worry, our news is always free, no paywalls here.

So, here’s your 2024 resolution: be more active and engaged with your local news. Trust me, it’s a resolution worth keeping. Sign up below and start this year right.

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