Three Movers Make Waves in Georgia

December 26, 2023
3 mins read
Three Movers Make Waves in Georgia

Three Movers, a popular moving company, has been working in and around Georgia for many years now, helping anyone and everyone move to and from the great state of Georgia.

But who is Three Movers, and how exactly are they making waves in Georgia?

Below we’ll get into that and more.

Let’s get started.

Who are Three Movers?

Three Movers is not only one of the best Georgia moving companies but can help anyone move to almost any destination on the planet. With years of expertise, they aim to help not only Georgia but any state or country that has moving needs.

Almost 20 years ago, three college buddies wanted to create a moving service, and thus, Three Movers was born. With Josh, Chris, and Lenny at the helm, they aim to grow Three Movers to one of the largest movers on the planet.

Three Movers can help you move not only to Georgia but to nearly any destination that you have in mind. Not only that, they aim to help make it as easy as can be, offering a plethora of moving services to help make moving easy.

How Three Movers Can Help You Move to and From Georgia

Free Quotes

Three Movers does not ask for money down to get a quote, all that’s required is to get your free quote here and decide which carrier you’d like to use, which you can check out here:

What’s great about free quotes is that they can help you get an idea before you put any money down, and open the door for negotiations between carriers. Never put any money down unless you get a quote that is a final price from said carriers, to avoid having a higher price on arrival.

Domestic shipping

If you’re moving a state away, or even down the street, Three Movers can help with that. Just let them know when and where your belongings need to be moved, and the delivery drivers will be there waiting to get you to your new home.

International shipping

Three Movers also offers international shipping. Remember that this type of shipping can take a while as these items need to cross international waters, which can take some time on a typical cargo boat.

If you need your items ASAP, then air shipping is possible, but air shipping can also cost quite a lot, so it’s always best to prepare ahead of time and avoid high potential same-day fees.

Pod shipping

Pod shipping is another way to move your belongings for an affordable price. An empty pod gets dropped off at your home, you pack it up and the movers will come and send it off to wherever your new destination is.

Vehicle shipping

Three Movers is also capable of helping you ship your vehicle. They not only can service any type of vehicle, but also boats, planes, ATVs, or even golf carts. It’s a great way to make it easy when it comes time to move to your new home.

Full Moving Service

Full moving service is when the movers do everything from packing, shipping, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling furniture and even throw away any trash at the end. It is an up-scale service that costs extra, but it does require no effort from you and makes moving easy.


Three Movers stands out as a prominent moving company in Georgia, offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to diverse relocation needs. Founded nearly two decades ago by three ambitious college friends – Josh, Chris, and Lenny – Three Movers has evolved into not just one of the best moving companies in Georgia but a global player committed to facilitating seamless relocations worldwide.

The company distinguishes itself through its dedication to making the moving process as effortless as possible for its clients. With a wealth of experience, Three Movers boasts the capability to assist with relocations not only within Georgia but also across state lines and even internationally. Their commitment to transparency is evident in their provision of free quotes, allowing clients to gauge costs before committing financially.

Three Movers’ diverse array of services includes domestic and international shipping, pod shipping for cost-effective and convenient packing, vehicle shipping for various types of vehicles, and a full moving service that handles every aspect of the move, from packing to unpacking. The full moving service, although a premium option, offers a stress-free experience by taking care of all moving-related tasks, allowing clients to focus on settling into their new homes.

Whether moving locally or globally, Three Movers has proven to be a reliable partner, ensuring that clients’ belongings are handled with care and delivered to their destination efficiently. As the company continues to grow under the leadership of its founders, it remains a significant player in the moving industry, making waves not only in Georgia but across the globe.

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