A Small Group of Residents Determined the Future of East Point

December 6, 2023
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A Small Group of Residents Determined the Future of East Point

🌟 The Gist: In East Point, a small group of voters decided the City Council elections for Wards B, C, and D. As a result, new leadership will be coming to the city, as all three incumbents were thrown out of office.

🔍 The Details:

  • Carrie Ziegler now represents Ward B.
  • Tremayne Mitchell has been chosen for Ward C.
  • LaTonya Martin Rogers will serve Ward D.

📉 By The Numbers:

  • Ward B:
    • Josette Bailey: 48.24% (371 votes)
    • Carrie Ziegler: 51.76% (398 votes)
  • Ward C:
    • Myron B. Cook: 48.19% (320 votes)
    • Tremayne Mitchell: 51.81% (344 votes)
  • Ward D:
    • Stephanie C. Gordon: 39.91% (180 votes)
    • LaTonya Martin Rogers: 60.09% (271 votes)

📉 Voter Turnout Insights: The voter turnout in these races shows a relatively small number of residents determining the city’s direction. For instance, in Ward D, only 451 votes were cast in total, with a winning margin of just 91 votes.

🧠 Why It Matters: City leaders like the mayor and council decide on things like fixing parks, running water and police services, which can change your daily life. Voting in local elections lets you pick who makes these big decisions for your town.

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