Georgia's Favorite Christmas Candy Will Surprise You

Georgia’s Favorite Christmas Candy Will Surprise You


🍬 The Gist: In Georgia, the top Christmas candy for 2023 is Starburst, followed by Candy Canes and Reindeer Corn, according to Surprisingly, chocolate-based candies are absent from the top ranks in the peach state.

🎄 The Details: The interactive map from, based on 16 years of sales data, shows a unique preference in Georgia for Starburst as the top Christmas candy. Candy Canes and Reindeer Corn, more traditional holiday choices, are in second and third place, respectively.

🤔 No Chocolate?: This preference raises a humorous question: “What problem do y’all have with chocolate in the Peach State?” It isn’t just Christmas, by the way. Georgia’s favorite Halloween candy is Swedish Fish.

Given the usual popularity of chocolate candies, Georgia’s choice of Starburst as a favorite is intriguing and deviates from more conventional choices like Peppermint Bark or Christmas M&Ms.

🌟 In Context: Nationwide, the trends show a mix of traditional and unexpected favorites. The diversity in candy preferences across different states highlights regional variations in taste and tradition during the holiday season.

📊 By The Numbers: According to, the nationwide trends for 2023 show Peppermint Bark and Candy Canes making a comeback, while Starburst emerges as an unusual favorite in some states, including Georgia.

The Map: Here is the map of each state’s favorite Christmas candy.

Georgia's Favorite Christmas Candy Will Surprise You

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