Your Guide To Renting an Apartment With the Most Space in Atlanta

November 28, 2023
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Your Guide To Renting an Apartment With the Most Space in Atlanta

The Gist: conducted an analysis on apartment sizes in the 50 largest U.S. cities, focusing on what $1,700 monthly rent can fetch in terms of space in Atlanta. The study revealed significant variations in apartment sizes across different zip codes, with some areas offering more than double the space for the same price as others.

The Details:

  • Atlanta’s Apartment Size Variations: In Atlanta, out of 39 zip codes examined, 17 offer apartments with 1,000 square feet or more for a $1,700 monthly budget. The least spacious zip code in Atlanta still provides substantially more room compared to Manhattan’s Tribeca area, which offers only 211 square feet for the same price.
  • Comparative Neighborhoods:
    • Zip Code 30309 (Sherwood Forest/Peachtree Park): Offers 669 square feet for $1,700.
    • Zip Code 30363 (Atlantic Station): Provides slightly more space at 810 square feet for the same budget.
  • Sweet Spots for Space and Location:
    • Zip Codes 30314 (Hunter Hills) and 30315 (Lakewood Heights): Offer over 1,100 square feet, close to Downtown.
    • Zip Code 30310: Above-average space (997 square feet) near city center amenities.
    • Zip Code 30311: Maximum space in Atlanta for $1,700, offering 1,374 square feet.
    • Zip Code 30032 (Decatur): Provides approximately 1,308 square feet.
  • North vs. South Atlanta:
    • Southern zip codes generally offer more than 1,000 square feet.
    • Northern Atlanta is less generous with space, requiring renters to move to the outskirts for larger apartments. Zip codes 30350, 30360, and 30340 are exceptions.
    • Zip Code 30329: A notable area providing 1,000 square feet, situated North-East of Downtown.

By The Numbers:

  • 1,600 Zip Codes Analyzed: Nationwide assessment for a $1,700 rent budget.
  • 17 out of 39 Zip Codes: In Atlanta provide 1,000 square feet or more for the set budget.
  • 1,374 Square Feet: The most spacious option in Atlanta for the same budget.

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