What Is the New Sculpture at Freedom Park in Atlanta?

October 20, 2023
1 min read

The Gist: Freedom Park in Atlanta will soon be home to Self Portrait III, a 10-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture by Jaume Plensa that features letters from nine different languages, reflecting Atlanta’s rich cultural diversity.

The Details: The next time you’re at Freedom Park, you might notice something new—a 10-foot-tall sculpture designed to provoke thought and foster community connection. Named Self Portrait III and crafted by Jaume Plensa, the sculpture integrates letters from nine languages, including Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic. Nestled near the Carter Center, the work offers a visual treat and a nod to the cultural melting pot that is Atlanta.

In Context: Self Portrait III is not alone; it’s one of three artworks at Freedom Park acquired through the Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond’s Landmark Public Art initiative. This effort aims to bring compelling visual stories to Atlanta’s public spaces, elevating them from mere greenspaces to platforms for dialogue and reflection.

Why It Matters: With more than 63,000 residents living near Freedom Park, Self Portrait III is not just an art installation; it’s a community focal point. It serves as a visual testament to Atlanta’s inclusivity and the city’s dedication to enriching the everyday lives of its citizens through meaningful art.

What’s Next: Keep an eye out for more installations in public spaces throughout Atlanta. The city is actively working to expand its public art portfolio, offering new avenues for residents to engage with art and, perhaps, with each other.

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