Macon Named ‘Spookiest City in America’

October 18, 2023
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The Gist: A recent survey unveils Georgia’s spookiest cities, with Macon, Savannah, Atlanta, and Talbotton topping the list. The haunted histories and eerie encounters in these cities offer both residents and visitors a thrilling venture into the supernatural.

Macon emerged as the spookiest city in America, with a high risk of haunted homes. Its rankings in vacant home rate and single-family home rate are among the top 25, with the city also ranking eighth for percent of establishments in the death care industry​.

The Details: The survey, conducted by Vivint, delves into the eerie side of American cities by examining factors such as ghost sightings, haunted places, supernatural readings, and establishments in the death care industry.

The methodology equally weighed ghost sightings and haunted places for state rankings, while city rankings considered additional factors like supernatural readings, funeral services, and haunted house attractions per 100,000 people​.

Historic cities like Savannah and Atlanta harbor many haunted places including the famed Ellis Hotel and The Olde Pink House. These places, now operational hotels or restaurants, welcome visitors to explore their haunted histories​. In Savannah, Madison Square’s haunted history adds a ghostly charm to its picturesque scenery​.

Talbotton’s spooky tale sets it apart as another ghostly city in Georgia, offering a chilling narrative for those brave enough to delve into its eerie story​.

In Context: The ghostly charm of these cities presents a unique blend of Georgia’s historical richness and the mysterious, captivating the adventurous spirits of residents and visitors alike.

Why It Matters: The eerie allure of these cities not only enriches Georgia’s historical narrative but also boosts local tourism, providing a unique avenue for exploring the state’s cultural fabric.

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