What is Georgia’s Favorite Halloween Candy in 2023?

October 3, 2023
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What is Georgia's Favorite Halloween Candy in 2023?

The Gist: This Halloween, Georgia has a sweet spot for Jolly Ranchers, with a whopping 142,298 pounds of these tangy treats purchased, making it the state’s favorite candy for the spooky season.

The Details: Halloween is a time for scares and sweets, and Georgians have made a clear candy statement this year. Topping the CandyStore.com candy charts are Jolly Ranchers, followed by Swedish Fish with 116,435 pounds sold and Reese’s Cups at 94,186 pounds making their way into Georgian homes. The variety in choice shows a love for different textures and tastes, from the fruity and tangy to the rich and chocolaty​​.

By The Numbers:

  • Jolly Ranchers: 142,298 pounds
  • Swedish Fish: 116,435 pounds
  • Reese’s Cups: 94,186 pounds

In Context: While the rest of the nation debates between M&M’s and Reese’s, Georgia has a clear penchant for the tangy kick of Jolly Ranchers. The candy choices reflect a fun and playful spirit, embracing the spooky with a sweet twist.

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