Diarrhea Dilemma: Delta Flight Returns to Atlanta Due to ‘Crappy’ Situation

September 5, 2023
1 min read

Late Friday night, travelers aboard Delta flight 194 bound for Barcelona found themselves back on Georgia soil sooner than expected. But this was no ordinary turnaround. The reason? A case of explosive diarrhea that resulted in a biohazard situation that flushed a European vacation down the toilet for several passengers.

Shortly after takeoff, the airline to halt its journey and return to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport due to an “onboard medical issue.” Recordings of transmissions from the cockpit posted to social media later revealed what transpired.

In a statement to local media, Delta did not mention the in-flight indiscretion, but apologized to customers for the delay.

Delta is yet to disclose how they managed the biohazard cleanup, but one can only assume that it was a job no one envied.

After the messy ordeal, the flight finally took off again, hopefully with less intestinal turbulence this time.

In Georgia, we’ve seen flights delayed for storms, technical issues, and even the occasional misplaced bag. But this incident adds a new layer to the list of possible in-flight issues. If this teaches us anything, it’s that sometimes, life comes at you fast—sometimes too fast for a flight over the Atlantic.

Hopefully, this flight’s next journey doesn’t stink as much as the last.

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