Sheriff Suspends Alcohol License of Two Macon Bars. Here's Why

Sheriff Suspends Alcohol License of Two Macon Bars. Here’s Why


On August 22, Sheriff David Davis of Macon-Bibb County hand-delivered suspension letters to two popular downtown lounges—Hoops Bar & Lounge and Recess Bar & Lounge. Both lounges, situated on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, have had their alcohol licenses immediately and temporarily revoked for up to 90 days. The Macon-Bibb County Commission will decide the final fate of these licenses.

The decision came in the wake of an incident on August 20, among other previous incidents, that prompted an immediate review under Section 4-402(e) of the Macon-Bibb County Code of Ordinances. According to the section, the Sheriff’s Office can suspend alcohol licenses if activities around the licensed location “create a particular and severe risk of injury or death” to individuals or the general public.

Letters sent to Carlos Haugabrook, Jr., representing Hoops Bar, and to Georgette Drafts, representing Recess Bar & Lounge, detail multiple breaches. Specifically, the letters accuse both businesses of allowing patrons inside their establishments after 3 a.m., contrary to local ordinances. There are also allegations that alcohol sales have been made after 2 a.m.

Sheriff Davis also raised concerns about the “public interest factors,” citing instances where patrons and bystanders were allegedly permitted to congregate in front of the establishments, thereby obstructing traffic and public pathways. Such conditions can make it difficult for law enforcement to effectively police the area, according to the letters.

Perhaps the most grave issue cited was a recent shooting near Hoops Bar that took place around 3:45 a.m. on August 20. Two individuals were shot, one fatally. The letters suggest that there is a “tangible nexus” between the operations of Hoops Bar and this violent event.

While the suspension of alcohol sales is immediate and temporary, not exceeding 90 days, any further sale of alcoholic beverages during this period could invite additional offenses under local code and may affect the businesses’ ability to get licensed in the future.

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