Georgia College Students: Don’t Forget About Renter’s Insurance

August 22, 2023
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Georgia College Students: Don't Forget About Renter's Insurance

The Gist: College students heading to campus rentals this Fall are urged to consider safeguarding their valuables with renter’s insurance.

What Happened?: As countless students make their move closer to campuses, Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King stresses the importance of renter’s insurance. He states that while property protection might be on the landlord’s end, the contents of the property – belongings of the tenant – often are not covered. With the start of a new college year, items like cell phones, laptops, TVs, furniture, and clothing could be susceptible to theft or unforeseen disasters.

By The Numbers:

  • Average yearly renter’s insurance in Georgia: $212
  • Breakdown to monthly cost: Just over $17
  • Phone line for Georgia Department of Insurance’s Consumer Services Division: 1‐800‐656‐2298

Why It Matters: Students might find themselves facing a hefty bill if they have to replace stolen or damaged property. With such a modest monthly cost, renter’s insurance could save students potential future financial stress and emotional distress.

What’s Next?: For more details on renter’s insurance or how to get one, Georgia residents can contact their insurance agents or reach out to the Georgia Department of Insurance’s Consumer Services Division.

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