Meet the Hopper, Cobb Galleria’s New Self-driving Shuttle

July 28, 2023
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Meet the Hopper, Cobb Galleria's New Self-driving Shuttle

In a major leap forward for local mobility, the Cumberland Community Improvement District has rolled out the Hopper, a self-driving shuttle service at the Cobb Galleria Centre. This free ride is part of an ambitious transportation project aptly named the Cumberland Sweep.

The Hopper isn’t just your typical shuttle. It can ferry eight passengers at a time, with room for children (when accompanied by an adult) and accessibility for wheelchair-bound individuals.

No driver? No problem. The shuttle is entirely autonomous but does come with an on-board ambassador to ensure a smooth ride and handle emergencies.

The Hopper’s launch wasn’t just a spectacle, but the first step in a grander vision. The Cumberland Sweep project aims to redefine how people move about in the local area, using advanced, autonomous tech.

One of the shuttle’s two routes will make the trek from the Cobb Galleria Centre to The Battery Atlanta, a shopping and dining destination, a breeze. Its second route will treat riders to a pleasant loop around the Galleria Office Park.

Worried about operating times or looking for more detailed information? It’s all on the Cumberland Sweep’s website. You can even watch a video of the Hopper zipping about on its routes below.

The Cumberland Community Improvement District’s latest innovation in mobility offers a glimpse into the future of public transportation, one where you might just get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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