Unleashing the Inferno: How to Conquer Georgia’s Scorching Summers


Georgia is widely known for its warm southern charm, but it is also known for turning into a less-than-charming blazing inferno once the summer season kicks in. Summer in Georgia, of course, lasts from late April through October, with June through September being the most unbearable months in terms of heat and humidity.

The relentless heat of the Peach State’s summer is formidable, challenging both seasoned locals and fresh faces. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about how to beat the heat in Georgia’s hot, humid climate, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, we can’t turn off the sun, but there are certainly ways to take the edge off its blistering intensity.

Keep in mind, these tips aren’t a panacea. Once July and August roll around, even a downpour can’t offer much respite in the sultry Georgia landscape.

Unleashing the Inferno: How to Conquer Georgia's Scorching Summers

Sip on Atlanta’s Liquid Gold: Coca-Cola

The secret antidote to Georgia’s sweltering heat lies in Atlanta’s iconic beverage — Coca-Cola. This fizzy delight can trigger a wave of icy relief when savored at the perfect temperature on a blistering day.

According to Coca-Cola connoisseurs, the ideal temperature ranges between 34 and 38 degrees. But let’s face it — your taste buds and body instinctively recognize this perfect chill.

As the mercury soars, the allure of a cold Coke becomes irresistible. Its icy refreshment amplifies, forging a refreshing sanctuary within.

If for some reason you can’t get your hands on a perfectly chilled Coke, I would highly recommend just sticking your head in your freezer for a few minutes.

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Harness the Power of Humidity

The staggering humidity of a Georgian summer can make your glasses fog up and leave you drenched within seconds. Yet, this can be used to your advantage when planning outdoor escapades.

To prepare for this, cool your house two to five degrees below your usual comfort level and let your ceiling fans whir at full speed before venturing outside.

The outside humidity will cloak you like a sauna, soaking your attire. However, once you step back into a pre-cooled home, the cold air and the fans’ breeze will transform that humidity into a refreshing chill, as if walking through a cool, fine mist.

Unleashing the Inferno: How to Conquer Georgia's Scorching Summers

Invest in a ‘Misty’ Shower Head

In case your shower head lacks a ‘mist’ setting, it’s high time to upgrade to one that does.

Switch on the mist and let it embrace you when you need an instant cooldown. This creates not only a soothing sensation but also generates a cool ‘wind,’ enhancing the refreshing experience.

Unleashing the Inferno: How to Conquer Georgia's Scorching Summers

Indulge in a Delightful Georgia Treat

One of Georgia’s divine gifts from nature is the tantalizing peach. Yes, other states like California and South Carolina might produce more, but no state has the privilege of being known as “the peach state.”

There’s a cherished summer tradition here: take these delectable Georgia peaches, slice them up, and churn them into homemade peach ice cream.

Despite the soaring heat, digging into this mouthwatering treat will transport you straight to nirvana. Just remember to consume it before the ruthless sun claims it.

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Seek Refuge Indoors

When the heat feels relentless, the safest haven is your air-conditioned sanctuary indoors. It’s a perfect opportunity to binge-watch that series you’ve been eyeing, stay updated with the latest news, or embark on your long-pending home decor project

Avoid feeling guilty about wanting to stay indoors during the torrid months. Interestingly, the advent of home air conditioning systems sparked a massive migration to the South during the 50s to the 70s. Without this technological blessing, settling in Georgia would have been inconceivable.

If you’ve ever wondered how Southerner’s handle the heat, the secret is simple — we stay inside. You’re not only safe from heatstroke or sunburn, but you’re also living the life of historic southern charm.

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