How to get rid of geese that won't leave your property

How to get rid of geese that won’t leave your property


Are you tired of Canada geese taking over your property and refusing to leave? Look, we get it. Those honking feathered fiends can be a real pain in the tail feathers.

But fear not, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division has some tips that may just help you out.

First things first, have some patience. During the summer, geese go through a molting process and cannot fly for a period of time. So take a deep breath and try not to let their constant presence ruffle your feathers. They’re not doing it on purpose! In due time, they’ll regain their flying abilities and be on their way.

But if, post-molting season, those ganders and geese are still making your life miserable, give these methods a shot.

  • Harassment techniques: See? You can fight fire with fire! We’re talking metallic streamers, noise makers, or even trained herding dogs. Show those geese who’s boss.
  • Chemical repellents: This one requires a little less elbow grease. Just spray your grass with repellents to discourage them from feeding in treated areas. Keep in mind that you’ll need to reapply after mowing or rain.
  • Physical barriers: This option takes a bit more effort, but a wire or string 12-18 inches above the ground or some heavy vegetation along property lines or shorelines can deter those honkers from overstaying their welcome. A word of caution: be consistent, and don’t count on it being foolproof.
  • Special permits to remove geese: It’s the last resort. But if you’ve tried everything else and those geese won’t budge, homeowners can obtain a permit from their local Wildlife Resources Division Game Management office to remove them.

For more tips and information, visit and click on “Living With Wildlife” and then “Canada Geese.”

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