Google Unveils Groundbreaking New Foldable Phone With Huge Price Tag

May 10, 2023
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Google Corporate Headquarters and Logo
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Though the theme of Google’s flagship I/O event was artificial intelligence, the tech giant also unveiled a number of new products, from the affordable Pixel 7a to the much-anticipated Google Fold, which mark’s the company’s first venture into the foldable smartphone market.

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The Google Pixel Fold, which starts at $1,799, will be available for pre-order May 10 and will start shipping later this month.

Google says the new device is the thinnest phone on the market. ts engineers redesigned the internal hardware of the phone, including its camera, to ensure the phone met its thickness benchmark. When unfolded, the phone has a 7.6 inch display.

The Pixel Fold, built on Android and integrated with personal AI, boasts a split-screen mode and a continuity feature, which ensures that content will seamlessly merge from one screen to the other as you fold or unfold your phone.

Google first teased the phone — which is powered by its Tensor G2 chip — last week.

Google said customers who pre-order the Fold will also get a Pixel watch for free. 

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