When Fun Goes Too Far: South Fulton Police Tackle Toy Gun Dangers

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The Gist: The South Fulton Police Department is warning parents and teens about the potential dangers and criminal charges related to the misuse of popular toy guns, known as Orbit Guns and Splatter Guns.

What Happened?: The police department has received several calls and complaints about the misuse of these toy guns, which shoot small, colorful gel-filled pellets. Teens have been gathering to play games with the guns, similar to paintball, but incidents involving harassment, bullying, and unsafe driving have been reported.

Why It Matters: Misusing these toy guns can lead to criminal charges if they are fired at strangers or used to harass or bully others. Additionally, playing games that involve chasing each other in vehicles can result in tragic traffic accidents.

What’s Next?: The South Fulton Police Department urges parents to discuss the proper use of these toy guns with their teens, emphasizing the importance of not shooting at anyone who hasn’t agreed to play, avoiding harassment or bullying, not targeting animals or property, and refraining from dangerous vehicle chases.

They also remind families that, in Georgia, anyone 17 or older is considered an adult and any criminal charges will become part of their public record unless removed through judicial action.

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