North Monroe County residents asked to conserve water due to shortage

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If you live in North Monroe County, government officials are asking you to cut back on your water usage due to an unidentified water shortage issue.

The Monroe County Water Department and H2O Innovations, the county’s water management firm, were notified Sunday morning by Butts County water officials of a water supply shortage in Monroe County’s north water system, which is supplied by the Butts County Water Department.

Both Butts County and Monroe County water officials have been working all day in an effort to identify the cause of the issue, but it has yet to be detected.

In the meantime, officials are urging Monroe County’s north water system customers to limit their water usage over the next several days in order to extend the system’s supply for as long as possible.

Also, if you notice anything unusual regarding Monroe County’s north water system lines, such as a leak, please call the county’s non-emergency phone line at 478-994-7010 so that Monroe County water officials can immediately be made aware of the situation.

This water shortage does not impact Monroe County’s south water system, which is serviced by Macon Water Authority, so south system users can continue to consume water at the same rate as normal.

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