Atlanta Dental Offices Now Have Relief For Staffing Issues

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Atlanta, Georgia has 498,715 residents, and each one will need a dentist at some point. Dental offices in The Big Peach are busy places. If a dental team member does not show up for work, it can throw the entire operation off course.

Dental hygienists are particularly crucial workers in a dental office. It is their job to clean teeth, take x-rays and apply sealant. It is also their job to document your treatment plan. If you are short a hygenist, another hygienist will have to try to cover their work, or the dentist will end up doing the hygienist’s work. In addition, when patient appointments take longer, the patients themselves will be upset, and so will anyone who has to wait longer for their appointment.  

Getting temporary employees to a dental office as soon as they are needed has always been challenging. Temporary agencies focused strictly on the dental industry have been around forever. Although these agencies can help in a crisis, they have never been flawless. Since the internet came along, people have used job boards to find workers. There is a new app on the market that makes dental staffing as easy as calling an Uber. You should consider the pros and cons of each of these methods before you pick one.

What Dental Temporary Agencies Do

When a dentist’s office is short-handed, they will often call a temporary service that will provide them with a dental professional to work in their office. There are temporary services devoted entirely to the dental profession. There are many dental temporary services that are proudly serving Atlanta.

These temporary companies maintain a database of temporary dental professionals. A dental temporary agency will review resumes, check references, and make sure dental licenses are up to date. When a dental office calls the agency, a recruiter will be assigned to find a temporary worker for that office. Each recruiting agent will have to find workers for multiple offices a day. 

Most dental temporary agencies do not require temporaries to call in if they are available on a daily basis. Hence, the recruiter will look for a match in their database and call each qualified person until they find a worker. This can take hours, especially if the phone numbers in a worker’s file are not up to date. 

In many cases, the temporary agency will not be able to find a replacement employee for their client, or they will find a replacement who cannot start immediately. Dental temporary agencies will normally offer you the option to pay a monthly fee or pay a fee for each temp sent to the office. This can be costly if you pay by the month and have a month where you do not use any temporaries. It can also be expensive if you pay by the person and have a month where you need a lot of temporaries. 

Dental Staffing Jobs Boards

Job boards are a place where companies of all types can post classified ads for jobs. Dental job boards have listings for every profession in the dental industry. Dental professionals can look for jobs on such a board or simply create a profile with their resumes on it. 

Most job boards will charge dental offices to post job listings. They may offer packages of several listings a month. Job boards are usually free for dental professionals, although they will often offer a premium membership that will push a resume to the front of the line.

A traditional job board may not be the best way to get people into your office in a hurry. Job searchers tend to use these kinds of boards for permanent employment. You do not really have a way of knowing how often your ad will be seen on one of these platforms.

People do not have a way of marking themselves as available on a simple jobs board. If you were looking for a temporary, you might have to contact a few people or wait for someone to call you. This can be very time-consuming.

Dental Staffing Apps

Dental staffing apps are the easiest way to get a dental professional to your office. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and lightning fast. You can get a temporary to the office as fast as you can get a pizza or a ride share service to the door. 

All a dentist’s office has to do is create a profile. Once the profile is approved, the office can start posting jobs. The more detailed the job listing, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the applicants that you get. You should list hours, pay rate, years of experience you want, and the licensure that is required.

Dental hygienists can be hard to get because they have such a low unemployment rate. Dental hygienists who work as temporaries usually do so out of choice. They enjoy the flexibility that temping has to offer. You should be able to find a highly qualified dental professional on a dental temp app.

A dental professional will also create a profile, and they will be asked to provide their name, address, and phone number. The profile will also list their years of experience and their licensure information. This information will be verified before their profile is active. 

Once their profile is approved, they can start accepting jobs. They will just set themselves as available to start receiving notifications whenever there is a job that matches their skill set.

When a dentist’s office posts a job and a dental professional is interested in taking it, they will accept it by pushing a button. The dentist’s office will approve or deny that particular temporary. If they approve, the temporary will start work. The dentist’s office pays at the end of the day.

Dental temp apps charge a percentage of what a dentist’s office pays a temporary. There is no extra fee when you use this new technology.

Keeping an office running smoothly can be stressful. Using a temporary can help keep everything working just the way it is supposed to. 

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