Northside Hospital is in-network for Anthem Blue Cross members again

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A monthslong dispute between Northside Hospital system and insurance provider Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has come to an end, with the two parties finalizing a new agreement.

“Northside Hospital has an unwavering focus on patients and their families, and that always is our mission,” said Vice President of Northside Hospital Scott Wade. “The outcome of our discussions is great news for our partnership with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and our patients.” 

Northside Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia have had a partnership for more than 30 years.

“I’m pleased we were able to come to a resolution on behalf of our members. Our new agreement with Northside continues and enhances our partnership, continuing access to quality care for Georgians, which is our focus,” said Robert Bunch, president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Georgia. “I want to thank Northside’s Bob Quattrocchi and Scott Wade for their partnership and efforts to find common ground.” 

The new agreement is effective immediately, meaning Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield members will have in-network access to Northside’s hospitals, physicians, and other outpatient locations in Georgia for the foreseeable future.

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