Georgians react to Stacey Abrams running for Governor

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Al Teich /

Stacey Abrams announced earlier today that she would be running for governor of Georgia again.

Predictably, the announcement brought jeers from the right and cheers from the left. Abrams has become a household name in both parties, being hailed by one and despised by the other.

Republicans responded to the announcement before news organizations could even publish stories about it and Democrats were quick to jump on social media to share their excitement.

Below are the reactions to Abrams’ announcement. We will start first with the official Republican response.

“The RNC is excited to have another opportunity to deliver a crushing blow to Stacey’s political aspirations by, yet again, denying her the keys to the Governor’s mansion come November 2022.” – RNC Spokesperson Garrison Douglas

“With Stacey Abrams in control, Georgia would have shut down, students would have been barred from their classrooms, and woke politics would be the law of the land. Her far-left agenda of open borders, gun confiscation, high taxes, and anti-law enforcement policies don’t reflect who we are as Georgians.” -Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

And here is a look at some of the responses to the announcement from Twitter users throughout the state.