Atlanta ranked number 3 in the nation for cockroaches


Cockroaches can spread disease, cause property damage and many find them just plain gross.

Seeing one running across the floor startles, annoys and disturbs renters and homeowners alike, but which city are you more likely to see one in your home?

The team at Pest Strategies analyzed the most current government data to find out which city has the most cockroach sightings. Here’s what they found out:

  1. Atlanta ranks as the (# 3) worst for cockroach sightings with 2,935.16 per 10,000 residents. 
  2. All 5 of the worst cities with the most cockroach sightings are in the southern U.S.: Houston (#1), New Orleans (#2), Atlanta (#3), Miami (#4) and Raleigh (#5).
  3. The cities with the least cockroach sightings are a bit more spread out: Portland, Seattle, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee. But, all five are known for their milder temperatures during peak cockroach season, the summer.

How they did it: Pest Strategies used U.S. Census data published by the American Housing Survey and then focused on cockroach sightings compared to the total population in a city.