What does Georgia law say about four wheelers and golf carts?

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In the summer months, many Georgians like to take to golf carts and four wheelers for transportation or recreation.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Department among others in Georgia reports it has received a number of reports of violations involving these recreational vehicles lately.

So, what does Georgia law have to say about operating ATVs, UTVs and golf carts? Read on.

Golf Carts are considered a low speed vehicle under Georgia law and can be operated on a street or roadway by a licensed driver as long as the speed limit is not more than 35 mph.

ATVs and UTVs may not legally be driven on any public street, roadway, or highway, including the shoulders of the roadway or highway in the State of Georgia. Operation on private property requires the written permission of the land owner.

Georgia law requires any motorized vehicle operating on public roadways to be licensed, have proper safety equipment, be insured, and operated by a licensed driver.

ATVs and UTVs can only be legally operated on private property or on roads and trails clearly marked for off-road use.

According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, the accident rate involving these type vehicles increase each year with severe injuries and fatalities becoming more common. If the operator of an unlicensed or uninsured operator is found at fault in an accident involving injury or property damage, criminal and civil penalties could result causing the owner or operator to be held liable.

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