Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield’s message to the Class of 2021

Below is Hall County Superintendent Will Schofield’s message to the graduating class of 2021. The message is provided both in video and text formats.

On behalf of your Board of Education, on behalf of the 3,400 team members of the Hall County School District, on behalf of the 200,000 plus community members in Hall County, congratulations and we are so proud of you.

Over the last year or so one of the things that I’ve talked about a lot and it’s I guess it’s one of the things you learn when you start getting as much gray hair as I have is never waste a crisis. What I mean by that is let’s just be honest the last year-and-a-half it’s been hard, it’s been tough it’s been unexpected but one of my hopes for you, one of my many prayers for you is that you would take some time just to look back over the last year-and-a-half and not waste this crisis.

Three lessons, in particular, I’d ask you to think about is:

#1 First and foremost, life is unpredictable. Life will throw you some curveballs. You will have some challenges that you never expected and some hardships that you just don’t believe you can bear. But in the midst of it all, you have been overcomers and I would challenge you and remind you when that happens in the future never, never give up.

#2 Second, people are going to disappoint you, I don’t know about you, but it happens to me quite often. Sometimes it’ll be a family member, sometimes it’ll be a dear friend, sometimes it’ll be your school district. I’m sure we’ve made some decisions that have disappointed and let you down over the last year and a half. Sometimes it’ll be your government. Can I just challenge you with what I’m seeing right now, to do what you’ve done for the last year and a half; and that’s continue to hold fast to those things that you know are good and noble and true. When people ignore you or when people refuse to even talk to you because maybe you don’t agree with the things that they agree with, can I also challenge you not to respond in kind, being kind, refusing to be cruel, treating others with compassion is always in vogue. I would challenge you 2021, when people let you down never, never give up.

#3 Finally let me remind you that whether it’s a paycheck, or whether it’s a retirement account, whether it’s your health, or the health of somebody you care deeply for or a loved one none of these things are guaranteed, and all of these things can be taken away from us at a moment’s notice. During those times I would ask you to remember that our job is not to expect perfection, it’s not to expect no bumps in the road, but it’s to realize that they’re coming, and to reach out, and to help those who are going through those situations around us every day so when pay, or retirement, or your health disappear never, never give up.

Hey, we are so proud of you, and I know that I’m standing between you and your celebrations with your family and friends tonight, but let me just say it again your Hall County School District is so proud of you and I would like now to confer your diplomas. In accordance with the regulations and the policies of the Hall County Board of Education in the State of Georgia, and on behalf of your Hall County Board of Education, and myself; I hereby declare you class of 2021, that you have met all of the requirements and they’re now eligible to be designated as graduates of the Hall County School District.


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