Atlanta is getting more license plate readers

ATLANTA — The eyes of Atlanta are upon you. At least, the electronic eyes of Atlanta are upon your license plate. The number of those electronic eyes will soon be increasing.

“The use of modern technology is integral to our holistic approach to increasing public safety in our communities,” Bottoms said. “LPR cameras are a proven advantage for law enforcement to swiftly apprehend those engaged in criminal activity, as well as providing prosecutors irrefutable evidence in obtaining a conviction.”

The new license plate readers will be added to the Atlanta Police Department’s Operation Shield network. The cameras, designed by Flock Safety, will increase the number of license plate readers in the city, which have proved important tools for APD to swiftly solve crimes.

“License plate readers are an invaluable tool in public safety,” said District 8 Councilmember J.P. Matzigkeit. “The cameras have helped police solve crimes and some studies show that they can reduce criminal activity. I look forward to the City partnering with FLOCK Group to install additional cameras and the added layer of protection they will provide for the citizens of Atlanta.”

The Mayor’s Office will coordinate with the Atlanta Police Foundation to accept the cameras and position them throughout the city. The foundation is in a three-year partnership with Flock Safety to use the company’s technology. Flock Safety is an Atlanta-based company whose cameras are used in more than 1,000 cities around the country.

In her State of the City Address, Bottoms announced the addition of cameras to the Operation Shield network as part of her larger plan to address crime in Atlanta. The Atlanta Police Department is also looking to increase the number of officers on the street over the next year. Plans are also in place to improve and modernize officer training by building a new public safety training facility.

Recently, Bottoms unveiled the One Atlanta: One APD Community Policing Roadmap—a cohesive community policing strategy that will help reform policing in our community and protect all Atlantans.

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