Fulton County Board of Elections votes to fire elections chief

The Fulton County Board of Elections voted to fire Elections & Registrations Department Director Richard Barron. However, Barron still has his job until the Fulton County Board of Commissioners votes on whether or not to accept the recommendation of the Board of Elections.

The board of elections vote came Tuesday morning, and was a do-over of a previous vote last week that was not valid because it was taken during executive session and not in public.

The board voted 3-2 to remove Barron from his post, with Democrat Vernetta Keith Nuriddin joining the board’s two republican members to vote in favor of Barron’s removal.

Barron has been the elections chief in Fulton County since 2013, and has presided over a tumultuous series of elections including the November election night controversy at State Farm arena, and a slew of voting difficulties during the June primary election.

Fulton County was at odds with state elections officials twice relating to the November election. The first time was when Fulton officials planned to send vote counters home before counting was completed on election night and then again when, according to state officials, Fulton’s election workers ignored regulations causing a server to crash during the recount.

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