Here’s how Georgia’s coronavirus numbers look today

The Gist: Georgia’s daily average for coronavirus cases has dropped below where it was at the height of the summer peak, but there are still about 3,200 new cases per day. This is down from 7,396 new cases per day in early January.

The number of deaths has not dropped as drastically. As of Feb. 9. about 100 people per day are dying from coronavirus in Georgia. In January, that number was 117 deaths per day.

The Numbers: Below are the coronavirus statistics for Feb. 9 as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Confirmed Cases Today:2,633
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:1,292
Confirmed Deaths Today:123
Hospitalizations Today:334
Total Confirmed Cases:778,049
Total Positive Rapid Results:169,367
Total Confirmed Deaths:13,481
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,820
Total Hospitalizations:52,262
Total ICU Admissions:8,651
Average Number of New Cases Per Day3,288
Hospital Bed Capacity83.6%
ICU Bed Capacity84%
Emergency Room Capacity57.7%
Adult Ventilator Capacity38.6%

The Map: You’ll notice the map is looking less and less red as the number of new cases continues to decline in Georgia.

Questions: Did Super Bowl gatherings put Georgia’s gains against COVID-19 at risk? We should know in two weeks whether or not Georgian’s listened to health experts on Super Bowl Sunday.

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