Coronavirus Update: Georgia’s number of new cases and deaths continues to drop

The Gist: Georgia’s number of new coronavirus cases per day is still going down. The number of deaths per day is also following that trend.

According to Wednesday’s coronavirus report from the Georgia Department of Public Health, the state is averaging 5,240 new cases per day and 139 deaths per day from COVID-19.

On Wednesday the state reported 4,128 new confirmed cases, 2,509 positive rapid test cases, and 139 confirmed deaths. There were 332 new hospitalizations reported Wednesday.

Hospital bed capacity remains high. Overall hospital bed capacity statewide is at 85.2% and the ICU bed capacity has reached 90.4%.

The Numbers: Below are today’s COVID-19 stats as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Confirmed Cases Today:4,128
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:2,509
Confirmed Deaths Today:139
Hospitalizations Today:332
Total Confirmed Cases:731,826
Total Positive Rapid Results:153,779
Total Confirmed Deaths:12,135
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,508
Total Hospitalizations:49,247
Total ICU Admissions:8,290
Average Number of New Cases Per Day5,240
Hospital Bed Capacity85.2%
ICU Bed Capacity90.4%
Emergency Room Capacity61.6%
Adult Ventilator Capacity42.3%

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