Coronavirus Update: New cases appear to be going down. Will it continue?

The Gist: The number of coronavirus cases and positive tests appear to be declining in Georgia over the last five days, but those numbers remain high in comparison to the summer.

Hospitalization numbers remain elevated and deaths are still increasing, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Georgia’ s hospital system is near capacity statewide in terms of ICU beds. The state is currently at 91.1% capacity for ICU beds.

The Numbers: Below are today’s COVID-19 numbers, as provided by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Confirmed Cases Today:4,428
Positive Rapid Result Cases Today:761
Confirmed Deaths Today:63
Hospitalizations Today:122
Total Confirmed Cases:684,763
Total Positive Rapid Results:136,189
Total Confirmed Deaths:11,095
Total Probable Coronavirus Deaths:1,265
Total Hospitalizations:46,741
Total ICU Admissions:7,964
Average Number of New Cases Per Day6,034
Hospital Bed Capacity84.55
ICU Bed Capacity91.1%
Emergency Room Capacity60.7%
Adult Ventilator Capacity43.8%

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