Scam Alert: The police won’t call you asking for money to settle a warrant

ALPHARETTA — The Alpharetta Police Department is warning the public about scammers calling residents and impersonating Alpharetta Police. The caller claims the resident has a warrant out for their arrest and that a prompt payment using a prepaid card will purchase continued freedom.

The caller ID shows the number calling as the police department’s non-emergency number. The caller will leave a message identifying themselves as an Alpharetta Police Officer or City of Milton Police Officer. The scammer gives a different number to call back and they are even using police officers’ actual last names.

Police officials have also heard the scammer sometimes gets the victim to drive to the police station to appear legitimate and then have the victim drive to the store to buy the prepaid cards.

The department is asking residents to let their friends and family know the police will not call them to settle a warrant. These scammers target the elderly but anyone can be a victim.