What You’re Reading: UGA fans get flak for ditching masks

October 9, 2020
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What You're Reading: UGA fans get flak for ditching masks
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Georgia has more than 100 news organizations statewide that work hard to keep Georgians informed, entertained and educated about the issues and events that surround them. Many of these organizations have websites that list their most popular stories. Looking at these stories can give us a good idea of what news items captivated the attention of Georgians each week. This is a roundup of the stories you and your fellow Georgians have been reading this week.

Maskless UGA fans cause social media uproar: UGA fans pictured at the Georgia vs. Auburn game over the weekend caused a firestorm on social media. Photos of the game showed fans not wearing masks. According to CNN, UGA officials say the students were simply following guidance from the SEC.

The Tragic Story of Alazia Johnson: The state of Georgia was captivated by news of a 9-year-old Tifton girl named Alazia Johnson who was stabbed to death in an apartment complex. A reward has been offered for clues in her murder and her family members have set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her funeral expenses.

A 15-Year-Old was also killed this week: In another story of a young person being killed, a 15-year-old boy in the city of Douglas was shot and killed — apparently by people close to his own age. An unnamed juvenile and an 18-year-old have been arrested in connection with the killing of Ja’rique Johan Brown. The slaying occurred on Monday.

Vitamin D shows its strength against COVID-19: In the past few weeks, news stories have highlighted Vitamin D as an important preventative measure and treatment tool in the fight against coronavirus. The Savannah Morning News spoke to a local doctor who is touting the vitamins success treating his patients with Vitamin D.

Middle Georgia’s Most Wanted: Continuing the trend of Georgia residents being fascinated by crime stories, one of the top trending stories from the Macon Telegraph this week was about the 15 Most Wanted fugitives in Middle Georgia. You know you’re going to click it. Go right ahead. Especially if you live in Middle Georgia.

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