Are COVID-19 deaths being over-reported? A local doctor explains

A viral meme claims that the CDC is over-reporting COVID-19 deaths and that only 6% of people who were listed as dying of COVID-19 actually died from the virus.

The meme is false and springs from people who don’t understand the word “comorbidity.” What the CDC actually said was that only 6% of people who died from COVID had no other pre-exisitng conditions or “comorbidities.”

In the video above, Dr. Roy Benaroch explains why the meme is false and what the CDC report means. He will also help you understand what a comorbidity is and points out that most Americans have at least one of them.

Dr. Benaroch is a pediatrician at Pediatric Physicians, PC in Roswell and has provided regular video updates on how the virus is impacting Georgia.

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