A python was found in a backyard in Walton County

A Walton County resident found a python in their backyard, sparking concerns that the non-native species of aggressive snake might be breeding in Georgia.

Pythons aren’t from around here and they have a penchant for eating dogs and cats and have been known to attack humans when threatened.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the python was most likely a pet someone released after it grew too large for them to take care of. The department warns that releasing exotic pets, like pythons, can have serious negative effects on the natural environment. 

The homeowner who found the snake killed it and turned it in to their local extension office who called the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Urban Wildlife Program staff to confirm it was a non-native species. Staff then took the snake to Walton County Animal Control to be scanned for a tracking tag and to confirm no one had reported a missing python. 

“If you have an exotic pet you can no longer take care of or find an exotic animal, contact your local animal shelter or rescue group to have the pet rehomed. Please do NOT release exotic animals,” the state wildlife resources division said in a Facebook post.