Long County delays start of school until August 10

The Long County School District announced Thursday that it would delay the start of school until August 10.

According to the school district, the decision comes after considering parent survey results and the safety of students and staff.

Under the current reopening plan, on-site school will begin August 10.

The school system will offer a virtual option for families who wish to receive instruction through an online platform. The Virtual School Option will be available to families who do not feel it is safe to return to the traditional classroom.

Students who participate in this option will begin Monday, August 17.

Teachers will return on July 24. This additional time will allow teachers and staff to be trained on COVID-19 safety measures and cleaning techniques, as well as to facilitate virtual learning.

Parents who choose the virtual online option must complete the online registration on the Long County School System website at longcountyps.com by July 21, 2020. Additional details and guidelines are included with the application.

School officials say they plan to share detailed plans and additional safety procedures by July 17.

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