Hall County inmates are making gowns for Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Inmate work crews at the Hall County Correctional Institute have begun making single-use isolation gowns that will be distributed to health care workers at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

The 20-man crew can make approximately 700 gowns per day — a critical need considering that the hospital goes through about 4,500 gowns per day, on average.

“This idea was proposed during a meeting of our local coronavirus task force, and really shows the spirit of teamwork and cooperation that our public and private partners have put forth during this pandemic,” said Walt Davis, Correctional Institute Warden.

The gowns are made using one-mil plastic that is cut with a template, then heat sealed once the proper shape is formed.

“We are very thankful that our biggest need for personal protective equipment of isolation gowns is being met by volunteers, local churches and now Hall County Corrections,” said Matthew Crumpton, Emergency Preparedness Manager at Northeast Georgia Health System. “It provides the needed resources to protect our workforce.”

Crews began making the gowns on Thursday, May 14, and will continue to do so through the month of June.

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