Alpharetta Police respond to social media criticism about social distancing response

ALPHARETTA — The Alpharetta Police Department is attempting to clear up misconceptions from a social media post claiming the police department was taking an aggressive approach to social distancing complaints.

According to the police department, the incident began when officers received calls from residents reporting that a business in city center was operating outside of the current social distancing guidelines.

Other calls were made to the Georgia State Patrol about the same issue. The Alpharetta Police Department sent two units and were unaware the state patrol was also responding.

“There was no plan to respond ‘in-force’ or to intimidate anyone,” the department said in a Facebook post

Pollice officials said officers met with the restaurant staff and reminded them of the current guidance while the Troopers asked customers to practice safe social distancing. The department says there were no threats of tickets, arrests of force.

“The majority of people in our community know how we operate, and we’re proud of the relationship and trust that we’ve built and work hard to maintain with you,” The department said in its Facebook post.