Georgia Congressmen demand answers from Windstream on connectivity issues

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Three Georgia Congressmen are demanding Windstream answer complaints from consumers about connectivity issues in rural areas during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Georgia representatives Doug Collins, Austin Scott and Sanford Bishop Jr. sent a letter to the Internet provider today asking for action and answers.

“In the past, we have written to you regarding the inadequate internet service our constituents are receiving despite your company’s acceptance of federal dollars to expand access,” the letter says.

This is not the first time Doug Collins has taken on Windstream. Last year, when Windstream filed for bankruptcy, Collins vowed to hold the company accountable for “failing to provide consistent broadband service while collecting taxpayer dollars and receiving substantial federal tax breaks.”

The Congressmen mention that more rural Georgians are having to turn to the Internet for work and education and accuse the cable company of missing the mark during the coronavirus pandemic. The congressmen — who are also having to use Windstream to work — say they are experiencing what they have heard from their constituents for years.

“Now, as we move to hosting meetings virtually, we are experiencing the connection issues our constituents are having firsthand,” the letter reads.

At the end of the letter, the delegation from Georgia asks six questions that they expect answers from Windstream on. You can read the letter below.

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