How to find out what’s in stock at grocery stores in Cobb County

March 31, 2020
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How to find out what's in stock at grocery stores in Cobb County

During the coronavirus pandemic, hoarders have made it difficult for their neighbors to do something as simple and routine as shopping for groceries. Shortages of cleaning supplies, meat and bread are now common as shoppers scramble from store to store to meet the basic needs of their families or decide to do without until the stores restock.

If you live in Cobb County, finding food just got a little easier thanks to an initiative launched by the Cobb County government.

The county has launched a website that allows users to take a survey about what was available at the grocery store and where they shopped. That information is then fed into the county’s mapping system to show residents which stores have which items available.

You can find the website here:

The site shows reports from the last 24 hours for paper goods, breads and grains, produce and meat, and gives a crowd report.

Cobb County has also launched a similar resource to help you find out which restaurants near you are offering delivery and pickup options. That website can be found here:

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