Coronavirus in Georgia: What We Know

March 3, 2020
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Coronavirus in Georgia: What We Know

New details have emerged about the two confirmed cases of coronavirus in Georgia. While specifics about the two cases are not being released due to privacy conerns, Fulton County officials were able to give some new information about the cases in Georgia.

We now know that the two infected residents are a 56-year-old man and his son. Acording to Fulton County officials, the man returned from a conference in Milan, Italy Feb. 22 and became symptomatic on Feb. 25. He spread the virus to his son. The father and son live in a home in Fulton County with a mother and another child. All residents of the home are being monitored daily for symptoms.

According to Fulton County health director Dr. Sandra Elizabeth Ford, the adult is no longer showing symptoms and the child who is infected has mild symptoms.

While officals would not give specifics on which part of Fulton County the family lives in, they did say that Fulton County Schools and Atlanta Public Schools were not impacted because the children are homeschooled.

The father and son were tested for coronavirus at a private physicians office and not at a hospital.

Since the man was asymptomatic on the plane, officials are following CDC guidelines not to test other people on the flight. “At this point, according to the CDC, the infectivity occurs when the patients become symptomatic,” Ford said.

Officials say the threat to the public remains low from the virus, but more cases in Georgia are expected.

The Department of Public Health is working to identify any contacts who may have been exposed while the individuals were infectious. People who are identified as having been exposed will be contacted directly by an epidemiologist and monitored for fever and respiratory symptoms.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp named an 18-member task force Friday to handle Georgia’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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