Choking child who was ‘within seconds of death’ saved by Georgia firefighters

December 9, 2019
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Choking child who was 'within seconds of death' saved by Georgia firefighters

CARROLLTON — A three-year-old girl who was choking on a piece of candy was saved by firefighters last month in Carrollton.

The crew of Carrollton City Fire Department Engine 24 saved a three-year-old girl from choking, Nov. 22, at the Wells Fargo Bank on Bankhead Highway.

According to city officials, the child choked on a piece of candy and was unconscious and no longer breathing when the fire crew arrived.

Firefighters Chad Thigpen, Jimmy Appleby and Jared McKenzie cleared the girl’s airway. Fire department officials say the girl is doing well and in good health.

The three will be recognized for the accomplishment during a Carrollton City Council meeting in January.

“The child was within seconds of death and without the intervention of the firefighters, the child probably would not have survived. We are very proud of our dedicated firefighters and honored to recognize them for their life-saving efforts.” Fire Chief Jimmy Bearden said in a statement.

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