Now a Georgia democrat is using a toy gun in a campaign ad

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They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but that may not apply in politics, especially when one’s political opponent is doing the imitating.

Matt Lieberman is a democrat who is running for Johnny Isakson’s senate seat in 2020. He released an ad this week that parodies republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s famous gun ad.

For those who haven’t been following local politics, Kemp released an ad during the 2018 gubernatorial primary that featured him quizzing “Jake,” a boy who was interested in dating his daughter, about politics while Kemp is not-so-subtly cleaning his gun.

Lieberman’s new ad features Lieberman holding a toy semi-automatic weapon while quizzing a boy named Jack about his stance on abortion and the second amendment.

Watch the ad for yourself and share your thoughts here.